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The Sign Shop fabricates and maintains all signage on the university’s Boston and other MA campuses as well as provide consultation for the global locationsIf your request is something beyond the scope of what we can produce in-house, we are happy to help coordinate the outsourcing with one of our preferred and trusted vendors.

All orders start with an online Work RequestThis link is accessible via your Employee Hub or Student Hub portal.  We do not accept orders from anyone outside of the Northeastern community and we cannot begin any work without a request in the system. 

Most popular signs



32×24″ thin coroplast

horizontal orientation

print job or vinyl application

2″ space for grommets at top


24×32″ thick coroplast

vertical orientation

vinyl on white board or full-color print job

3″ space for grommets at the bottom




24×32 thin coroplast usually vertical print job or vinyl application

no grommet holes
indoor use only
easel stand not included

Frequently asked questions

When should I submit my order?

We accept orders between 2 and 6 weeks before your desired dateOrders submitted with less than 10 business days’ notice are not guaranteed. If we can accommodate your order, it will be subject to a rush fee as described on our Price List. Orders submitted more than six weeks in advance will be canceled and you will be asked to submit again within the appropriate timeframe. 

Who can design my signs?

Our graphic designers will design your sign at no extra cost.  Please include content, colors, or inspiration for the design when you submit your order.   

If you wish to use your own design you must submit your own file to our exact specifications. A $35 artwork fee will apply to submissions that do not fit our specifications. 

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to take on logo requests. If this is for a department or group on campus, please reach out to for a copy of your approved logo. 

What do I need to include with my order form?

Vector files are strongly preferred to ensure high print qualityIf you are choosing to submit a raster-based file instead and the file includes a bleed, please include crop marks and a .25” bleed on all sidesFor all signs, please only submit PDF files.

What size should I order?

  • Most of our signs are 24×32”
  • A-frames are 24”h x 32”w (horizontal) and the top 2” of the design must be free of text or logos so that we have room to punch holes that attach the sign to the frame.
  • Bases are 32”h x 24”w (vertical) and the bottom 3” of the design must be free of text or logos so that we have room to punch holes that attach the sign to the base. 
  • Easels are 24×32” and typically vertical orientation, but we can make them horizontal at your request.
  • Signicades are not commonly used, but if you have received permission to use this sign type for your event, the dimensions are 24”w x 36”h (vertical). 

How do I pay for my sign(s)?

All orders require a six-digit budget number up front, and the amount will be automatically deducted at the end of the next month.  Visit the Payment page for more information.   

Note that we do not provide receipts for nameplates.

Can I keep my sign(s)?

Absolutely! Make sure to indicate this on your order form. The frames/bases/stands belong to us, but the sign itself is yours. We will collect them and can store or deliver them to you. We store signs in our inventory that are used at least annually. Signs stored in inventory for more than a year may be thrown away. 

Where do I get an easel stand?

The Sign Shop does not provide easel stands. o You are welcome to use your own or borrow one from Building Services. To request an easel stand(s) from them, please submit a Facilities Work Request via myNortheastern. Choose Category>Event Setup and Type>Other. Please provide the date/time/location of your event and the number of easel stands needed. 

Who places/installs signs on campus?

We do! Our staff handles all of our deliveries, setups, and pickups. We’ll place the signs for an agreed-upon duration based on your order form. For event signs, we pick them back up the next (business) morning after your event. Note that we are only open Monday – Friday excluding university holidays. If you request signs to go out/in on the weekend, they will be addressed on the nearest business day. 

Can I attach balloons to my sign?

No. Please do not attach balloons as they then deflate and create a large tangled mess. If we find that balloons have been attached, you will be charged a $50 fee per order.  

What happens if a sign is damaged or stolen?

We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged signs. We will be happy to make a replacement upon request, but you are responsible for the associated cost. 

Can my signs stay outside in inclement weather?

Our signs are made of a durable material that can withstand the elements. However, in the event of extremely high winds or excessive snowfall, we will remove all outdoor signs from campus. This is for the safety of our community to avoid any injuries or interference with snow removal. Signs will be reinstalled as soon as it is safe to do so.

Can you add privacy frost to my window/glass door?

Yes! Our rolls of material are 12” wide and can be spliced together, so we can accommodate many orders in-house. If your request is too large and/or you prefer one solid piece, we can coordinate the installation with one of our preferred vendors. Please include a photo and dimensions of the glass when you submit your work request using Signs > Miscellaneous > Frosted Window Treatments. 

Marketing released a new lockup/logo, can you change my signs?

Absolutely! Our team works very closely with Northeastern’s Marketing Department. In many cases we can keep your signs the same and update your logo. In other cases, there is an opportunity to refresh the entire design. Please mention the need for a new logo in your order and our staff can help determine which option is best. 

Our team

Christina Salvato

Christina Salvato

Sign Shop Foreperson

Olivia Mitchell

Olivia Mitchell

Sign Shop Production Specialist

Kate Rozelle

Kate Rozelle

Sign Shop Production Specialist

Tony Samuel

Tony Samuel

Sign Installer & Assembler

Interested in a co-op position?

Students majoring in Graphic Design are eligible for full-time co-op positions at the Sign Shop.  There are typically two positions available each semester.  To qualify, you must be a responsible worker with great communication and organizational skills as well as problem-solving abilities.

For more details and position availability, please contact your co-op advisor.

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