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Northeastern University’s Planning, Real Estate, and Facilities (PREF) is committed to ensuring a fair, inclusive, and transparent process in all procurement and contracting activities. PREF strives to provide an inclusive working environment for all current and prospective suppliers. On this page, you will find guidance on how to work with us and other important information for suppliers working on our campuses.


Are you looking to work with us? 

Here’s what you can expect at each step of the pre-qualification & submission process


Submit qualifications

Vendors and suppliers in the categories listed below must begin by submitting qualifications through the appropriate form:


General Contractors

Trade Contractors

Other Services


Pre-qualification review 

PREF’s Procurement team reviews all submissions on a rolling basis to determine whether suppliers meet the established pre-qualification criteria. If you have questions about the status of your submission, please contact Facilities Procurement.


Pre-qualification status notification 

After an internal review, we will notify you about your qualification status. If you do not meet pre-qualification standards, we will work with you to determine what additional information may be required to proceed. 



Bidding opportunities

Once pre-qualified, you may have an opportunity to bid on projects The PREF division may send requests for proposals on specific projects. For questions regarding upcoming opportunities, please contact Facilities Procurement.

PREF contract templates

Architects/Engineers (A/E)

For all A/E services: assessments, schematic design, conceptual design, design and construction documents, and construction administration.

General Construction

For lump sum construction projects under $3 million.


Construction Manager (CM)

CM at Risk with a Guaranteed Maximum Price.



Professional Services

Non-design professional services including but not limited to consulting services, owner’s project representation, and commissioning.

Trades and Service Providers

For trades and services contractors, including but not limited to electrical, painting, HVAC, and preventative maintenance.

Other Northeastern Approved Templates

PREF may recommend the use of other Northeastern University forms of agreement avaliable on the Office of General Counsel’s website.

Request for qualifications (RFQ)

RFQ - General Contractors/Construction Managers

To submit qualifications follow the instructions on this form.

RFQ – Trade Contractors

To submit qualifications follow the instructions on this form.

RFQ – Architects

To submit qualifications follow the instructions on this form.

Our policies and standards

Capital Project Design Guidelines & Implementation

Guidelines for the implementation of the university’s capital program, including university preferences, practices, and purchases for design, construction, and related projects. 

MEP Design Standards

Technical requirements and standards related to Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection. For questions or concerns, please contact

Preferred Equipment Manufacturers

Preferred equipment manufacturers for all Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Alarm/Protection and Elevators, in order of preference.

Carpentry Standards

Technical requirements and standards related to Carpentry

Project Closeout Requirements

Project closeout documentation and standards for creating and delivering documentation at the close of university projects.

NU Policy on Tobacco & Smoke-Free Campus

The university promotes individual and community health and will recognize employees’ right to work in a smoke-free workplace.

Vehicle Restriction Map

All motor vehicles on campus must follow the Vehicle Restriction Map. A violation of any parking regulation may result in being ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Vehicle Restriction Exception Form - coming soon

We recognize that motor vehicles on campus are necessary for business needs. All vehicles must follow the Vehicle Restriction Map and can request an exception by submitting this form.

Sustainable Practices and Operations Guideline

Best practices for reducing waste, and minimizing environmental impacts. 

Frequently asked questions

What types of suppliers and vendors does PREF work with?

Northeastern’s PREF works regularly works with suppliers across a range of specialties and trades, including but not limited to:


  • Architects and Engineers
  • General Contractors and Construction Managers
  • Professional Services Providers & Consultants – Owner’s Project Managers, Planning Consultants, Real Estate Consultants, Sustainability Consultants, Real Estate Consultants, etc. 
  • Trade and service contractors and providers 

How can my business work with PREF ?

Prospective vendors in the categories listed below must complete and submit a Request for Qualifications (RFQ), which is reviewed on a rolling basis. For suppliers in other categories, please contact, and you will be provided with a separate Request for Qualifications to complete and/or other information to register to work with us.  The University may invite prequalified firms to bid on project-specific Requests for Proposals (RFPs) s to firms the University determines, in its sole discretion.   Please be aware the RFQ process is for qualifications review only.  The University does not guarantee your firm will be prequalified and/or that your firm will be invited to bid on upcoming opportunities.  You can find links to the RFQs below:

How does PREF prioritize supplier diversity?

Supplier diversity is prioritized throughout PREF’s procurement and contracting process and goes beyond participation goals. For more on our commitment and resources for minority, women, and/or veteran-owned business enterprises, as well as a small-local business enterprise, visit PREF’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion page.

Does my business have to be certified as a woman-owned, minority-owned, and or veteran-owned business to qualify?

We accept minority, women, and/or veteran-owned business enterprises, as well as small local business enterprises (“MBEs,” “WBEs,” “VBEs,” and “SLBEs” respectively) certification from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Supplier Diversity Office’s Directory of Certified Businesses. Alternative certifications may be considered. MBE, WBE, and/or VBEs without an official certification are encouraged to submit a statement describing their diverse supplier status and any other supporting information with their RFQ. You can find information about diverse business certification resources here.

As part of our commitment to supplier diversity, we partner with organizations, including the Boston Chamber of Commerce’s Pacesetters program, to offer resources and support to diverse suppliers. See here for our partner organizations and resources.  

Does my business qualify as a small local business enterprise (SLBE)?

To qualify as an SLBE, a business must meet both of the following criteria:

  • The company’s primary office is located within the City of Boston, as confirmed by zip code. 
  • The company has fewer than 500 employees and less than $36,500,000 in annual revenue. 

What are PREF’s insurance requirements?

Northeastern University requires all contractors, consultants, vendors, etc. to meet certain insurance coverage requirements. Our insurance requirements are located here. 

How do I update my supplier information?

To update your supplier information, please reach out to our team by sending an email to Depending on the type of vendor, our team will guide you through the appropriate channels to ensure that your information is updated accordingly.

Procurement & Contracts Management Team

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Rosanna Molinaro

Director of Procurement & Contracts Management

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Brian Rose

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Cristina Erickson

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Angelica Andrade

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Sabrina Pierre

Contracts Specialist

PREF Fiscal Operations

Procurement and Contract Management works closely with the PREF Fiscal Administration team with contracts.  PREF Fiscal Administration manages and guides the PREF division on all financial matters. Their responsibilities include the development, analysis, and control of operating costs, budgets, and contract administration staff support. They are committed to the efficient, effective, and transparent safeguarding of PREF’s financial assets. 

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