Top 10 Study Spaces for Students

By Renée Abbott 

The Northeastern Planning, Real Estate, and Facilities’ Campus Planning and Design Team is dedicated to ensuring that students have access to a wide range of study spaces that foster academic success and overall well-being. Under the leadership of Cory Berg, the Director of Campus Planning, the department strives to create welcoming environments that students can thrive in and out of the classroom.  

“We love carving out student study space wherever we can!” said Berg. “It definitely has something to do with the mixed-use nature of our campus buildings, but also our desire to be inclusive, carving out different types of space to suit different individuals’ needs.” 

Berg also recognized that with the current library renovations, there is a need for more space to study, relax, and take time away from the dorm. Additionally, commuters need spaces to be comfortable between classes. 

“In recent years we’ve looked for opportunities to furnish every random nook and cranny, lobby, and even former administrative offices to cater to different students’ needs,” Berg said.  

Here are ten study spaces for students around campus; a list of more spaces can be found on Northeastern’s interactive map. 

  1. Snell Library
    It is a hub for studying on campus: With a café, a (soon to be reopened) archive resource space, and multiple floors with different noise levels, students can find spaces for individual work or collaboration. Once renovations are complete, more individual and group study spaces, private rooms, single-person pods, and improved views will be available to students.  

2. Curry Student Center
This location has it all: affinity spaces, meeting spaces, dance studios, food vendors, a glass elevator, and spaces to work. While Curry is used frequently for events in the indoor quad and ballroom, there are spaces for students to collaborate and study as well. The bottom level, while primarily used as a food court, offers high-top and regular tables that can be used to work. Additionally, AfterHours and Starbucks provide a creative and homey atmosphere conducive to collaborating and working. A mezzanine area, while sometimes used for events, can also be used for working and collaboration, as can the main space on the first floor with couches, tables, and seating. For a study break, students can head to the fourth-floor game room area and enjoy some pool, board games, and video games.

3. Churchill Hall
 In between classes, students can grab lunch at Churchill’s Creations and study at a high-top or regular table. With sunlight flooding the partially underground space and enjoyable music playing, Churchills is both an enjoyable and understated space for working.  

4. 300 Mass Ave  
Though a walk away from the main campus, 300 Mass Ave is a spacious and unique study area for students. The two levels have different multipurpose rooms and spaces and a plethora of tables, chairs, and couches. The high ceilings and natural light give a different vibe from the rest of the crowded campus. Its ideal location is near numerous coffee shops, the Prudential building, and Newbury Street if students want to do some shopping or grab a bite as a study break.

5. Law Library
Students who enjoy being around books while studying should check out the Law Library. While primarily used by law students, this space has a more classic library feel with dark wooden chairs and rows of books. Multiple floors have different noise levels, and different spaces have designations for different types of work.

6. West Village G
Many residence halls have lobbies and lounges for students, and West Village G is no different. Across the hall from classrooms, students can find tables and nooks for studying. At night it is less crowded than other study spaces though doors lock at 10pm.

7. Shillman Hall 
When students can’t relax on the Adirondack chairs or hammocks in Centennial, they can find somewhere to work in the lobby of Shillman Hall. Students may be bustling in and out grabbing their Dunkin orders or heading to class, but in the meantime, people can set up at one of the many tables and chairs in the lobby.  

8. Law Quad 
On nicer days, students can appreciate the level II arboretum outdoors. One popular spot for outdoor studying is the law quad situated at the intersection of Huntington and Forsyth towards the West Villages. Students can enjoy the art, trees and city sounds outdoors. Another popular spot is outside of the Snell Quad. Nestled between buildings away from the street, the chairs and tables underneath a tree canopy provide a quiet space for students to study, while still being near both Curry Student Center and Snell Library.

9. International Village
With its seemingly infinite student dorms and massive dining hall, International Village has it all including a study space. After grabbing a meal with friends, students can set up on one of the many nooks or tables to get work done.  

10. ISEC Café 
Now, with tasty sandwiches, smoothies, and coffee, the Fuel America café in ISEC is a perfect place to charge up to get your work done. The café is on the first floor with a perfect view of the new EXP building and lots of natural light. On warmer days, enjoy the fresh air and take your coffee outside to sit on their patio. When you’re feeling like you need a quiet space, move over to the sound cancelling chairs located in the lobby.