Access Control

Providing safe and secure access to Northeastern

The Facilities Access Control group works to ensure the Northeastern community’s physical security while providing efficient and convenient authorized access. Control of our university’s keying and carding systems is integral to a comprehensive security program.

The group’s responsibilities include administering and maintaining electronic card systems, including HuskyCards, issuing keys to staff and faculty, and managing key access for authorized vendors

locked out and need help?


Solution 1:
Use CBORD mobile app on your phone

Solution 2:
Ask the building proctor for assistance. Let them know if you use a physical key or Husky Card.

Solution 3:
Contact your Resident Assistant Office for assistance. RA Office hours are every night from 7 pm – 11 pm. 

Faculty and Staff

Contact the Northeastern University Police Department. Facilities will respond if or when assistance is required. 

Our Services

Husky Cardholders

The Northeastern Husky Card is the official identification card for Northeastern students, faculty, and staff as well as authorized vendors, contractors, and conference attendees. Please contact Husky Card Services to request a card.

The Husky Card Center

Access the HuskyCard Center through the Student and Employee Hubs Self Service to: 

  •  Register your smartphone for door access and/or alerts 
  •  Report a lost card 
  •  Reset/change your PIN  

Troubleshooting Tips

  • To access a door, present your Husky Card or registered smartphone to the keypad reader on the lock* 
  • For doors that also require a PIN the lock prompts a “red and green” flash  
  • Default PIN numbers are the last 4-digits of your NUID number.  
  • Enter the (#) symbol after your PIN  

    Contractors, sponsored accounts, and part-time staff do not have access to Husky Card Center or the Mobile ID app. Those users must come into our office in Speare for troubleshooting. 

    Policy on Husky Card

    This policy clarifies eligibility for and use of Northeastern University issued Husky Cards. The Northeastern Husky Card is the official identification card of the university.

    Go to Policy on Husky Cards

    Key Holders

    Only authorized persons have access to buildings and locked spaces on the university’s campuses. To obtain keys for entry access, an Access Request Form must be completed and signed by an approved authorizer.

    Access Request Forms

    Access Request Forms can be found in the Work Request System.

    Keys and Keycard policy

    This policy outlines how keys and keycards are issued, monitored, and maintained. It allows the university to establish a recorded chain of custody for all keys/cards issued, restore physical security in a timely manner whenever key/card control has been compromised, and avoid potentially significant costs due to theft, vandalism, or excessive rekeying of locks.

    Go to Keys and Keycards policy

    Vendors, Contractors and Sponsored Accounts

    Contractors requiring access to campus buildings should consult their Planning, Real Estate, and Facilities contact regarding the Keytrack process. Please note that a valid photo ID is required when requesting keys from Facilities Customer Service. For further questions regarding the Keytrack Process, please email 

    Add, Remove, or Modify Contractors in Keytrack

    To add, remove or modify a contractor in the Keytrack system, or to check out keys directly, please fill out the Contractor Add, Remove, Modify Form and email it to  

    Certificate of Insurance Requirement

    Northeastern University requires insurance for outside contractors and consultants. View Northeastern’s Insurance requirements sheet for full details. 

    Background Checks for Contractors and Vendors

    We require all contractors and vendors to perform a background check on any individual that will be assigned to work at certain designated locations, including residence halls, athletic facilities with locker rooms or showers, swimming pools, daycare or elementary schools, student health or counseling centers, or areas where programs with minors regularly occur. 

    Acknowledgment of the obligation as a contractor or vendor of Northeastern University to conduct criminal background checks is required as outlined in the Policy. 

    Go to the Background Check for Contractors and Vendors Policy

    Go to the Contractor and Vendor Background Check Certification Form 

    Sponsored Accounts

    Sponsored accounts provide customized temporary access to Northeastern’s online resources and should be used for vendors, contractors, consultants, people whose official employment has ended but who are hired as contractors or consultants, and graduate students and students employed by a university department. Learn how to submit approval for a sponsored account. 

    Smoke Free Campus Policy

    The University has concluded that a smoke-free campus is consistent with the University’s mission and purpose. This policy applies to all persons, including all students, faculty, staff, volunteers, contractors, vendors and visitors, anywhere on university property and in university vehicles, buildings and facilities on all campuses, including parking lots, green spaces, and pedestrian walkways.

    Go to the Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy