Trades & Operations

Maintaining a safe and accessible campus

The Facilities Trades and Operations group is a customer service-oriented department responsible for all in-house renovations, maintenance, and repairs throughout the Boston and suburban campuses. Northeastern’s skilled tradespeople help provide a safe and accessible environment for the Northeastern community.   

All trade work and repairs start with an Online Work Request. When possible, please include a reference photo. 


work orders completed annually

annual HVAC air filter replacements

Annual door lock battery replacements

clogged toilets fixed annually

Our services


The Carpentry Shop is responsible for routine repairs and installations as well as custom work such as cabinetry, wall partitions, and shelving. 

Typical work requests include: 

  • Repairing/configuring office furniture 
  • Repairing torn carpet 
  • Repairing of door-related issues
  • Replacing acoustical ceiling tiles 
  • Repairing molding and cove bases 
  • Installing chalkboards and whiteboards 
  • Repairing cracked or broken windows 

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Manager: Jack McEvoy


Commissioning works closely with Design Teams, Contractors to verify and document that all Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and Building Envelope systems are properly installed, operating, and maintained. For more information on access control policies and requirements, visit the commissioning page. 

Typical responsibilities include: 

  • Inspection of systems
  • System operational training 

Visit the commissioning page
Director: Carmen Lifrieri


Northeastern’s electrical shop is responsible for the electrical needs of over 7.2 million square feet of multiple functional buildings. Service ranges from routine work orders to supporting special events to Scheduling and coordinating annual shutdowns for preventative maintenance service. 

Typical service requests include: 

  • Electrical outlet repairs
  • Minor electrical issues

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Manager: Dean Miller 

Lock and Key

The Lock and Key shop works with Access Control to ensure safe, secure, and convenient access to Northeastern’s owned properties. For more information on access control policies and requirements, visit the access control page. 

Typical responsibilities include: 

  • Repairing broken locks
  • Creating keys for staff and faculty 

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Manager: Greg Geyer


The Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) team maintains over 15,000 tons of cooling equipment and is responsible for the environmental conditions of all offices, classrooms, laboratories, kitchens, dormitories, and conference spaces. 

Typical work requests include: 

  • Temperature adjustments
    (room too hot or cold) 
  • Noisy/blowing air 
  • Ventilation cleaning

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Manager: Paul Luzinski


The Mechanical Shop is responsible for maintaining and repairing the system supplying steam and hot water to over 5 million square feet of occupied space on Campus.  The main source of steam is the largest low-pressure steam plant in New England.  The plant has six boilers that generate 4,200 boiler horsepower at 15 PSI.   

Typical work requests include: 

  • Pumps 
  • Burners 
  • Food service equipment 
  • Radiator controls and steam traps. 

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Manager: Brandon Berthelette


The Plumbing Shop is responsible for providing the Northeastern community with the best sanitary conditions as well as safe, clean available water.   

Typical service requests: 

  • Install/repair/replace plumbing fixtures and related equipment  
  • Repair clogged toilets 
  • Repair overflowing drains 
  • Clean or maintain grease traps 
  • Repair and replace fire suppression (sprinkler) system  
  • Repair sanitary and storm systems 
  • Monitor and report acid neutralization  

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    Manager: Brandon Berthelette

    Sign Shop

     The Sign Shop fabricates and maintains all temporary and permanent signage on the main Boston and suburban campuses. To learn more about available products and start a work order, please visit the Sign Shop page. 

    Typical service requests: 

    • Nameplates  
    • Signs 
    • Banners 
    • Vinyl lettering 
    • Frosted doors and windows 
    • Decal prints 

    Visit the sign shop page
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    Foreperson: Christina Salvato 

    Suburban Trades

    The Suburban Trades team carries out all trade maintenance at our Burlington, Nahant, and Dedham campuses. They are dedicated to ensuring these locations run seamlessly.

    Typical service requests: 

    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • HVAC
    • Carpentry
    • Grounds

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    Manager: Jeff Foti


    Fire Safety Unit

    The Fire Safety unit is responsible for operating, maintaining, testing, and inspecting all Life Safety systems in all buildings on the Massachusetts campuses. Services range from routine work orders to coordinating annual elevator, building, sprinkler, and fire suppression inspections as required by the local authorities having jurisdiction and the University’s insurance carrier.

    Typical service requests: 

    • Testing elevators annually with state inspector.
    • Inspecting buildings in conjunction with the Boston Fire Department.
    • Performing egress drills in residential buildings quarterly.
    • Managing contracted services for maintaining and testing fire alarms, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and fire suppression systems.
    • Testing and inspecting sprinklers.
    • Coordinating sprinkler, fire alarm, and hot work shutdowns for construction projects.

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      Manager: Greg Geyer

      Types of Service Requests

      Be prepared to provide the location of the problem (building, floor, room number)
      and a b
      rief description of the issue.

      Emergency Request

      Immediate or imminent danger to life, health, safety, or security

      Boston Campus:
      NUPD 617-373-3333
      SafeZone app

      All other locations:
      Dial 911

      What is an emergency request?

      • Fire 
      • Medical emergencies 
      • Threat of bodily injury 
      • Criminal activity 
      • Unattended items
      • Suspicious behavior 

      Priority 1 response time:

      Urgent Request

      Significant damage to buildings, equipment, or service disruption.

      Call the Customer Service Center

      What is an urgent request?

      • Elevator Entrapment
      • Pipe leakage
      • Power outages
      • Toilet overflow
      • Gas smell/leak
      • Flooding

      Priority 2 response time:
      Within 4 hours

      Routine Request

      Non-urgent maintenance, repairs, or service requests

      Submit a work request 

      What is a routine request?

      • Alterations
      • Temperature adjustment 
      • Picture hanging 
      • Lightbulb replacement
      • Pest control
      • Moving furniture
      • Snow removal
      • Custodial service 
      • Cracked window glass
      • Damaged walls or doors

      Priority 3 response time:
      Within 48 hours