Transportation, Warehouse & Fleet Management

Providing efficient transportation and storage services 

TheTransportation, Warehousing and Fleet Management department is responsible for servicing the university’s requirements for warehouse storage, central receiving, transporting staff and athletic teams, and completing office and other related moves of furnishings and equipment. 

To schedule transportation or moving services, please fill out a work request.  


Our services

Transportation and Moving Services

Bus Leasing

We provide 54-passenger bus leasing services to university departments.  All services will be billed to the requesting university department.

Please contact Sherie Mischler 2 to 3 weeks before your scheduled event to ensure available transportation. 

Moving Services

We provide a range of moving and consulting services, including conducting complex departmental office and lab moves. We also contract with outside moving companies to provide additional moving services.  

To schedule a move, please fill out a Work Request Form.

Warehouse Storage and Deliveries

Warehouse Storage

The Northeastern warehouse is located at 1 Marbury Terrace in Jamaica Plain. The warehouse is a secure storage facility for equipment, furniture, supplies, and deliveries. The department is responsible for receiving and documenting the receipt of all products as they are delivered to the warehouse. 

Northeastern students and staff may make an appointment to view available furniture by reaching out to Chris D’Orazio via email or by calling 617-373-2293.

Vendor and Warehouse Deliveries

The department is responsible for completing vendor deliveries from the warehouse to the Boston campus. The department also delivers items and supplies stored at the warehouse to on-campus locations.  

Internal Deliveries

The department completes internal on-campus deliveries. Examples of this type of delivery include the moving of furniture between offices, or temporarily removing furniture to provide space for contractors to perform renovations or repairs. 

Warehouse Receipts

The warehouse receives deliveries from various vendors throughout the year. These items are either delivered to the ordering department or stored at the warehouse located at 1 Marbury Terrace in Jamaica Plain. All products received are documented with receipts.

Auto Shop

Auto Shop

The Auto Shop maintains all university vehicles including police cruisers, trade vans, buses, lawn mowers and snow removal equipment. In addition, the shop maintains all emergency generators on campus.

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